IT Services

Computer Software Setup & Upgrade

We provides on-site computer software setup and upgrade services. All setup and upgrade records are kept in our database with your approval, so that we can provide continuous supports and upgrade recommendation to your current computer software.

IT Security Implementation

Security is vital concert to business sensitive data such payroll record. We do provide a set of security solution for your business to handle those data against hacking and threat from both Internal network and the Internet.

Data Backup & Recovery

We can help to backup your valuable data and information in different format for the case that any important data is corrupted.

Rapidly recovery service is also provided to help your business running stops due to data corruption.

In our data backup and recovery solution, a set of backup and recovery approach is provided, including easy-to-use interface for you to make backup and restore your valuable data anytime.

Network Setup & Maintenance

We provide network setup for any size of business. Just based on your requirement, we provide a serious of network infrastructure planning and solutions to suit your business needs.

Maintenance is also provided afterwards. Our experienced support team must able to handle those issues.

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Server Setup & Maintenance

Apart from network setup, the server setup is also provided. From our experienced expertises with many server setup experience, we can provide a rapidly server setup solution for your business.

Setting up a web server for public visiting, an Email server for your staff communications, a file sharing server with backup and recovery solutions are mainly our services provided.

Testing, implementation and maintenance of servers are also our main talented areas.

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Server Relocation

The huge amount of office rent maybe a burden for a company to some extend, office migration maybe the solution to minimize the rent.

For network and server relocation, we have a experienced planning to handle those issues. We provide a well scheduling for the relocation to prevent data interruption and loss during and after it is our main concern.

We also provide a support to your staff about the relocation details.

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Application Setup & Maintenance

The difficulty of using application software maybe vary among different users. We provide consultations about the current software and application used in your business.

In case there are some new software and applications to be setup, our experienced engineer will handle those issues for you.

Of course, like computer software setup and upgrade services, we also keep the software records for support and maintenance with your approval, we provide the fastest and excellent services to handle those issues.