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Business Intelligence (BI)


Business Intelligence (BI) describes a set of processes and technologies for simplifying and enhancing the use of information within a company. In BI data is gathered from IT systems in a company, such as our ERP and CRM system. Data is cleaned, standardized and then presented to business users in a friendly way.

Information is displayed using dashboards and scorecards, explored using "slice and dice" techniques and experimented on with our data mining and forecasting tools.

By combining plan and actual information, the BI system allows a performance mangagement framework to be built, with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics disseminated throughout the organization.

Our BI solution is composed of ERP, CRM together with our developed data mining and forecasting tools.

A method used for dissecting the collected customer data are called business Intelligence systems.


Alignment of an organization around a consistent set of KPI and Metrics

Quicker, fact-based decision making

Simplified graphical presentation of KPI and metrics

Reliable presentation of information

Combination of multiple data sources (EPR, CRM, Spreadsheets, Budgets ...)

Faster collection and dissemination of information

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