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Sales Force Automation (SFA)


When your sales force is outside office, they're away from the most important thing that connects your business to customers - your CRM database. Imagine if they could update information and have fast access to unlimited customer data while mobile.

Our Sales Force Automation (SFA) solutions can give your salespeople mobile access to:

Enterprise CRM systems

Sales force automation systems

Order status information, pricing details and inventory availability

Sales force route planning and navigation with Google Maps and Global - Positioning System (GPS) location-based services

Sales forecasts and targets

Email, phone, contacts and Internet

Our SFA gives the sales team the ability to access and manage critical sales information using a PDA device. Synchronization provides a simple method of sharing data and merging new and updated information between offline users and the Mobile Server.

The architecture is segmented into two main sub systems. They are:

Mobile Server

The Mobile Server is the key sub system of the entire solution. This server interfaces with Central Server and (Oracle, or any) database at the Mobile Server. It manages the Sales Representatives PDA and the requests from the PDA. An administrative module helps in user authentication, transaction monitoring and synchronization. The server, based on settings, hosts all the synchronization logic.

Client application

The client application is hosted in the Sales Representative's PDA device and has the ability to view appointments, create orders, search for customer details and item details and synchronize with the Mobile Server using GPRS.


For Sales Executives Appointment scheduling

This facilitates creating, viewing and rescheduling appointments by a sales representative on his PDA. A unique feature is re-routing of appointments to the central server for allocation. This facility allows the Sales Representative to view appointments for the current week/day. They also have the option of rescheduling the appointments. The Sales Representative can also view the list of customers available in the PDA. They can view the customers based on Customer ID or Customer Name.

Order Management

Sales representative can manage inquiries, quotations and sales orders on their device. Basic functionalities like capturing user requirements, suggesting solutions etc are possible. Viewing order status is a key feature of this module.

Customer Management

This facilitates creation and viewing of customer information like contact information or customer history.

Product Viewing

Real time information can be viewed on the handheld device. The information on products can be viewed categorically or by alphabetical order. Information on product prices, availability, description and other specifications can be obtained.

Delivery Instructions

The Sales Representative can enter a Delivery Instruction if required and save the order. If they choose to synchronize the order, then it is saved and synchronized with the server, provided GPRS connectivity is available. There is also an option to clear and exit from the order entry screen.


This module facilitates in synchronizing data on the device with the server using cradle or wireless synchronization. Synchronization has XML components on the server and client side as well.

Other features

Alerts: Messaging facility allows sales representative to receive from as well as send alerts to central server.

Personal Information Management: These sets of applications allow sales representatives to manage information on leaves, travel, expenses and salary from the personal devices.

For Sales Manager

Work allocation: This utility allows the sales manager to assign and dispatch appointments to the sales representatives who are on the field. This facility could be extended to a handheld device for sales managers too.

Broadcast: This helps sales managers to send broadcasts to sales representatives, like informing about various campaigns or price cuts if any, in real time.


Our SFA solutions enable your mobile sales force to take their SFA and CRM systems with them wherever they go, including the benefits of:

Closing deals faster with up-to-date account, inventory and order information

Responding quickly to sales opportunities by accessing corporate systems

Managing appointments more effectively with wireless calendaring, email and corporate data access

SFA saves you time and money

The advent of automated sales force technology allows businesses to subscribe to already built, on-demand, customizable services without the high fees for maintenance and other costs associated with the large, daunting process and time involved in creating a large, corporate version of sales force automation.

SFA allows you to concentrate more on your business

The architecture of sales force automation allows for a decrease in total ownership cost, risk reduction, less wasted time, and the ability to concentrate on business and management instead of technology. This means that you have more time and energy to give to the success of your business.

Contract management comes with SFA

Essentially, it allows companies to manage a contract's lifespan by shortening approval cycles for contracts, renewing contracts sooner, and reducing administrative costs. This Sales Force Automation component improves tracking and management of contract information, such as terms, conditions, and evaluations.

SFA is easy to use

Sales force automation is easy and intuitive. It makes jobs easier for users like professional sales representatives by giving them quick access to data (online, offline, mobile devices) links to tools like Microsoft Outlook and Office.

SFA offers real-time analytics & reports

Sales force automation offers a comprehensive analytics program that allows you to track ROI on marketing campaigns, traffic levels, lead conversion ratios, content effectiveness, and more. Users can access information to evaluate their company's past performance and point out its strengths and weaknesses with the intent to repair those deficiencies. It allows you to customize reports based on the data processed by the analytics program. All the information you get is in real-time and fresh, so that you never have to handle or see old data unless you want to.

Up-to-date information via SFA

Sales representatives get more time to sale and convert leads as they can avoid the hassle of administration and other similar duties. Because the information they have access to is always current, the leads are more qualified and easier to sell. The don't have to go through lines of other sales reps to find what they're looking for; all they have to do is get on the computer and access their company's central database to get the information they need, wherever they are.

SFA mobile capabilities

Sales force automation is now available with mobile capacities. This means that the application is compatible with any mobile device, such as a laptop or cell phone. Thus sales representatives or marketers have access to the information they need any time, any where, both offline and online.

Broad range of uses for SFA

Sales force automations can work for any company, from the largest corporation to the smallest boutique. It offers a number of uses, from sales management, analytics and forecasting to product information, workflow and integration.

SFA is Customizable

The sales force automation application is completely customizable, down to the color of bar graph you want on your analytics report. Many websites, like, offer to work with you to develop the unique application you want.

SFA is Understandable

Unlike many CRM programs that abound on the web, sales force automation is a relatively simple program to implement and is easily understandable for the majority of users.

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