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Call Recording System


Our enterprise Call Recording System provides a scaleable, cost effective, and full-featured call recording solution for small enterprise applications. Supporting up to 32 telephones, The multi-user feature of the solution is compatible with all recording interfaces supporting most TDM digital telephones and analog telephones.

A customer supplied Windows-based PC Server records all telephone conversations (in compressed WMA or uncompressed WAV format) and call data to the our system recording interface using a USB connection. Call records may be accessed either directly from the PC Server or remotely from a network connected PC.

Users and Supervisors will find it easy to search, sort, retrieve, email, and playback call records. Our system also offers Supervisor Live Call Monitoring and automatic or manual (on-demand) call recording functionality activated by the telephone or user PC.


Automatic or on-demand activated recording

On-demand recording activated by telephone key press or software anytime during call or 'post-save' a call after completion

Network-based Supervisor Live Call Monitoring

WMA file compression option of 3MB/hour or uncompressed WAV format

Email call records directly

Editable comment field for each call record for archiving important notes and easier search and retrieval

Search call records by time, call type (inbound, outbound, missed), call display information, duration, comments, user, or telephone

Unlimited Supervisors and Users

The license based only upon number of telephone recording interfaces

Statistics reporting

Excel export utility of complete call log records

Permissions based user privileges with passwords



Secure administrator configuration

Alerts and Notifications

E-mails, SMS and screen pops are sent based upon user-defined business rules when call criteria is met.

Key Benefits

Economical for small enterprise applications

Scaleable from 1 to 32 telephones on a single non-proprietary Windows-based PC

LAN-configurable for simultaneous shared access

Reliable, feature rich solution with easy-to-use interface

Our Call Recording System was easy to implement, is highly functional, easy to use, and extremely reliable. In addition, the support from us has been excellent.

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