Oursss technical teams use latest and popular technologies to build and create systems to suit the modern system environment. Furthermore, we upgrade our server environment continuously to ensure its health status for the best system production.

Mobile Programming

As the number of remote and mobile workforces increase, businesses are increasingly turning to mobile solutions to connect field employees to enterprise-wide applications as well as provide remote real-time access to key data.

Our system is secure, flexible and efficient mobile applications are designed to solve specific business challenges faced by employees and managers on the go. Increase your employees' productivity with instant, accessible, online solutions.

We also develops mobile applications for the Apple iPhone and Google Android devices.

We help businesses take full advantage of mobile technologies to win new customers and unlock new revenue streams. Our custom mobile solutions help start-ups get started and growing businesses go mobile.

Our mobile software development services are specifically designed to quickly transform your existing online services into successful mobile ones, and your new ideas into successful mobile products.

We make sure your customers can reach you whenever they need you, wherever they are.

At KACTUS, we specialize in delivering complete mobile solutions ranging from telecom-grade back-end services to smartphone application development.

You can rely on us to manage and execute your iPhone app development, Blackberry app development, and Android application development projects, and help you continue deliver cutting-edge applications as the market evolves.


Real-Estate Performance Monitoring Portal

View an instant snapshot of your entire Real-Estate franchise business

Up-to-date counts of membership and property inventory

Membership statistics (gender, age, time with company)

Inventory statistics (current status, best selling, average days on market, average price, most popular locations)

Track company growth rates by inventory/staff count and commissions

Access key financial transaction data

Top agents and offices by transactions/commissions

Average commissions earned

One-click access to call agents

Survey Performance Management Tool

Mobile access to online reports for a large network of retail stores across wide geographic area

Monitor employees' monthly survey participation

Ability for regional managers to review a particular retail store's participation as they complete store site visits

Customer Support Ticket Management System

Ability for customers to report and track of system problems, issues and bugs online from mobile devices

Automatic creation of customer support ticket numbers and the ability to track progress

Options to create, update and receive automatic notifications of Change Requests

Full mobile access for both customers and customer support technicians


KACTUS mobile solution is the only company that provides an end2end mobile technology framework with out of the box applications for financial services, retail and consumer goods, media & entertainment and manufacturing industries.

KACTUS mobile solution is the best in class technology delivers rich and native mobile applications with unparallel user interactivity on mobile devices (Blackberry, iPhone, Andriod, Palm webOS, Java, Symbian and Windows Mobile) from one single underlying technology framework.

With the power of our platform, you can deliver mobile applications that support all Smartphone device platforms natively with one technology framework, accelerating your time to market and significantly reducing the capital and operational costs for managing a robust mobile solution.

Applications built on KACTUS mobile solution platform provide the most robust and superior user interface technology available in the market today, delivering information in an intelligent manner with unmatched security and optimized data access.

Intelligent Application-based Technology

KACTUS mobile's technology has been designed with the key notion that "one size does not fit all". Mobile applications for different industry verticals solve different problems and have to be designed and architected differently.

KACTUS mobile solution, combining the wireless network know-how, expertise on the mobile application development and business akin in the target verticals, provides mobile applications with the rich and intuitive user interface while delivering tangible business value with unmatched security.

With our products, our customers can deliver a mobile experience that is fast, easy to use, and esthetically pleasing much beyond the browser based wireless web (WAP) or traditional offline (thick-client).

KACTUS mobile solution further harnesses the rich Internet technology to deliver seamlessly 'always on' application while addressing the loss of connectivity common in the wireless network. The hybrid online and offline architecture ensures the consumers continuous access to the mobile applications, yet enforces strong mobile security.

Mobile applications built on KACTUS technology support a rich set of visual elements and seamless integration with the systems necessary for deliver the applications quickly and securely.

Scalable Mobility Server

KACTUS mobile solution powers the mo bile applications with scalable, yet open and flexible mobility server that further enhances the data intelligence exchanged between the device and back-end systems. With its optimized data encryption and compression, the KACTUS mobile solution server utilizes the minimal wireless data bandwidth for maximum output.


3G Systems are intended to provide a global mobility with wide range of services including telephony, paging, messaging, Internet and broadband data.

3G is a short term for third-generation wireless, and refers to near-future developments in personal and business wireless technology, especially mobile communications.

The third generation, as its name suggests, follows the first generation (1G) and second generation (2G) in wireless communications.

While 3G is generally considered applicable mainly to mobile broadband, it is also relevant to fixed wireless and portable wireless.

Proponents of 3G technology promise that it will "keep people connected at all times and in all places."

KACTUS provides applications and services based on 3G technology. Our services concerns privacy and security issues by our mobile security solution.

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Vocie Gateway


Private Branch Exchange (PBX) makes connections among the internal telephones of a private organization - usually a business - and also connects them to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) via trunk lines. Because they incorporate telephones, fax machines, modems, and more, the general term "extension" is used to refer to any end point on the branch.

PBXs are differentiated from "key systems" in that users of key systems manually select their own outgoing lines, while PBXs select the outgoing line automatically.

One of the latest trends in PBX development is the VoIP PBX, also known as an IP-PBX or IPBX, which uses the Internet Protocol to carry calls. Most modern PBXs support VoIP. Also, ISDN offers features such as conference calling, call forwarding, and programmable caller ID.

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Mobile PBX

Mobile PBX (or hosted MBX) is a new managed hosted PBX service that extends traditional fixed line PBX telephone system functionality to mobile devices such as mobiles telephones, smart phones and PDA devices by provisioning them for use as handset extensions. Mobile PBX services also can include fixed line phones.

Mobile PBX systems are different from other hosted PBX systems in that they simply forward data or calls to mobile phones by allowing the mobile phone itself, through the use of buttons, keys and other input devices, to control the PBX phone functions (such as transfer, hold etc) and to allow users to manage communications without having to call into the telephone system itself first.

Mobile PBX telephone solutions are often priced on a subscription basis per user per month and are relatively easy to set up due to limited amount of hardware needed.

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Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)

We have developed full-featured IVRS and integrate easily with other systems, such as our tailor-made system provided and your business current system by adding additional mobile modules.


Instant messaging is available as a component of our system solutions to enhance the reaction and response time once you get a latest information or noticification from the system.

Web Programming

A database programming for an organization with front-end and back-end necessities is our strong merit. We provides systems with web interfaces and database-driven sites for users to access systems anywhere for any time.